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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh where have the days flown, so quickly past?  Every day, for the past few weeks, I have thought, 'today I will post on my blog and catch up with my blog reading'.  I have missed all of you, my dear friends, so much!

So much to share, but not sure where to begin.  This past weekend, my dear friend, Janet (no blog) and I attended the Stitcher's Hideaway Winter Retreat in Mystic, Connecticut, and had an absolutely marvelous time!  Can you tell that we didn't get a lot of sleep?  But oh, what fun!
We stitched our little hearts out and met so many other wonderful stitchers.  We talked and talked, and shared our joy of stitching with one another.  Oh, what great fun we had!  We can't wait until our next retreat!

I made some more progress on Quaker Christmas II, but wish that I had been able to accomplish more!  I have a long way to go on this beautiful sampler, and pray that it will be finished by next Christmas 2013!  Patience, patience......

Although I didn't have a chance to share my progress on the Heirloom Baby Sampler, I was delighted to finish stitching it last week, in time to take it to the framer's, just before we left for the retreat.  Here is a preview before framing.......
I am pleased with the way it looks.  It is a bit difficult to see the little beads scattered throughout the design, but I think that they add a nice touch.

We had more snow this past weekend, 3 snowstorms on top of one another, which added about 6 inches of rather heavy snow to our already heaped snowpiles here.  Other areas in the state did not get as much snow as we did here.

Meggie was all dressed up in her Leopard coat to go out in the cold weather.  She shivers and won't budge an inch if it is too cold outside.  Doesn't she look so cute?  She isn't spoiled:)

I decided that some nice homemade soup was needed, and decided to make a wonderful squash, spinach soup with roasted bits of sausage.   Hmmmmm... Perfect for a cold winter day!

Well, dear friends, as you can imagine, I have lots of catching up to do, reading about what all of you have been doing too.  

Thank you for all of your wonderful friendships, which mean so much to me.  It is always a blessing to share with you, and I love each and every sweet comment that you write.

Blessings in Stitches & Friendship!


  1. Your little Meggie is so adorable!! Are you sure she isn't spoiled? :) I'm afraid I would spoil her terribly.

  2. What fun that you got to go to that retreat! Glad you had a good time! Lovely sampler! Meggie is adorable all dressed up. And the soup looks delicious! I'm tired of snow, aren't you? lol!

  3. hello dear, your stitching always so lovely..
    keep well and stay warm..
    big hugs x

  4. Yum yum on the soup..that adorable little Maggie in THE cutest leopard coat not spoiled?? Hmm, about like my daughter's absolutely adorable endearing Mya not being spoiled...haha. I love the colors you've chosen for Quaker Christmas II - lovely. I keep saying one day I'll make it up to this retreat. Definitely on my to do list. Looks like you had a blast!

  5. What a beautiful finish. Can I ask where the chart is from ? I have been looking for a traditional birth sampler with a religious saying , and that is so pretty .

  6. Glad you had such fun. Beautiful sampler. What a pretty, little coat for Meggie!! ;)

  7. Aaawww....sweet Meggie!! The retreat sounds like fun ~ and your stitches are beautiful! Your soup looks so yummy ~ especially since I am sitting here listening to the rain and wind against the window!

  8. Meggie is so cute just love her.
    Looks like you had a fab time at the retreat.
    All your stitching is looking beautiful, hugs.

  9. Oh, what a great retreat that must have been!! Stitchers never run out of things to talk about, do they? I just love your sweet Meggie--she looks very, very stylish indeed :)

    Your stitching is all so pretty, Kathy--especially love the Quaker Christmas II! Enjoy your last day of February--hard to believe March is almost here!!

  10. How wonderful to have spent time at a stitchers retreat with lovely ladies, a great picture of you and your friend.

    Aww your little four legged friend looks so cute!

    Quaker Christmas is coming along beautifully and the sampler has turned out so lovely.

    Happy Stitching!

  11. Oh my gosh, Meggie is just adorable!! She sounds like Duffy. He'll beg to go outside and then if it's raining too hard, will stand at the door or turn back inside all together. LOL

    Your stitching is fantastic! The retreat sounds like it must have been so much fun.

  12. Meggie is a very fashional lady, just love her coat.

    You have some lovely projects.

  13. We've missed you, Kathy! I'm loving your progress on Quaker Christmas II, and your baby sampler is beautiful. Great work!

  14. Retreats are so much fun aren't they? I just love connecting with other stitchers and seeing what sorts of projects interest them. I'm so glad you and Janet enjoyed yourselves.
    Your Quaker Christmas II is really looking lovely Kathy. Someday I hope to do this one.
    Meggie is just too precious in that little coat. Love it!

  15. Glad you had a great time at your retreat

    Quaker Christmas is gorgeous & the baby sampler is lovely


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