"She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands." ((Proverbs 31:13)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Amidst the brambles, look what bloomed in our yard this week!  Temperatures soared into the 80's here in New England, and it felt more like May than March!  We flung open the windows wide to let in the fresh breezes of air, and enjoyed the gorgeous sun filled days and blue skies!
               Miss Meggie enjoying playing out in the yard too! 

I decided to pull out one of my WIP's, 'My Lovely Sewing Tools" (The Gift of Stitching 2011), which I had put away just before Christmas, while I worked on my Christmas projects.  My stitching, of late has been rather slow, but steady these past days.  Wishing that I had made more progress, but there it is....alas..... The design was published in several parts, and I have completed the first series of designs in the top half of the overall design.  It felt really good to have that accomplishment at long last!
I loved stitching this section because of the 'over one' stitching on the hanger, holding the letter 'F'.  Aren't those sweet scattered flowers pretty?
I love those wonderful spools of thread, which look like the now 'heirloom' wooden spools we used to have when I was a little girl.  I have a few of those treasured wooden spools in my sewing chest.
I have grown fond of stitching 'over one', so stitching the ribbon of this 'C' ornament was especially fun.  I love the 'squiggly' handle of the ornament too, which was done with back stitching first, and then a woven stitch on top of it. 
I'm not sure that the little square of needles on the left side, look quite like needles, but there they are...   And the letter 'H'.

Today I think that I will take out one of my spring designs to stitch.  The day is a bit cooler, and I feel like cozying up with some nice warm cups of tea in my favorite "stitching nest" with a good movie and stitch the afternoon away:)

Finally, I graduated to a padded walking boot for my recovering toes, and can hobble around a bit better with it and a cane for stability.  Talk about feeling like a little old lady!  But, it does feel good to be off of the crutches.... A dear stitching friend has taken me to our LNS Wednesday morning stitching group, and with my leg elevated on a stool, it has been absolutely wonderful to be back with the girls, enjoying our great gabbing and stitching!  The best healing remedy ever!!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts with me here.  I love reading all of your comments and am so grateful to those of you who have connected your 'threads' of stitching and your lives with mine through our love of stitching.  

May you be blessed in all circumstances this week, in whatever life brings your way, and I look forward to reading about what you have been stitching and doing this past week, on your wonderful blogs too!

Blessings in Stitches & Friendship!

Consider the Lilies of the Field

Consider the Lilies of the Field
"So why do you worry about clothing? Consider the Lilies of the Field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you, that even Solomon in all his glory, was not arrayed like one of these." Matt: 6: 28-29)