"She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands." ((Proverbs 31:13)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Stitching & Snow Falling Again

Snow is falling, softly outside again...so peaceful and gentle as it touches the earth.  I love these quiet and peaceful wintry days.  Call me one of those crazy people who absolutely loves the snow!  I am a true snow bunny for sure!

There is nothing more peaceful on a snowy day, than to take up one's needle and thread and do a little stitching, right?  After much pondering about how I wanted to finish my very first design for 2013, I decided to create a hanging pillow with some lace that I had purchased a while ago, and some old buttons.

                                'Heaven & Nature Sing'
                                   By Brenda Gervais
                            With Thy Needle & Thread

                     (Picture This Plus 36 Count Linen)
                       Used Recommended Threads

                          Old Button Finish on Lace

Of course, after every finish, we are already dreaming about what the newest start will be!  I have had this precious baby sampler design in my stash for a very long time, just waiting for a sweet little someone so that I could stitch it.
This will be for the first granddaughter of a very dear friend.  The thread colors are so soft and delicate, and the design will be finished with tiny little seed beads.  It is difficult to read the sweet sentiment in this picture, but I will save that for you to see when it is stitched.

Here is my progress today so far....
The thread is really a very soft pale green, even though it looks rather a gray color here.

I have just baked a dozen corn muffins, complete with little bits of corn inside of them, and they are cooling.  They will be the perfect accompaniment to some vegetable beef soup that I made for dinner tonight.
They smell so yummy that I am almost tempted to have one with my tea right now!  In fact, that sounds like a wonderful idea!  

Well, dear friends, I wish that you could drop over to share a muffin and some tea with me, and we could sit a while and stitch and watch the snow gently falling.  What a lovely thought.....

I think of you so often, and always look forward to the times that we share our lives, our stitching, and the times of our lives together.  It is a rare and special gift that our lives continue to weave with one another, through the threads that bind us all together.

Blessings & Hugs!


  1. Aww super cute finish and I love the new start so much too..
    Snow is looking yummy :)
    Hugs x

  2. I love, love your Heaven and Nature sing finish! So darling :)
    Corn muffins...another of my downfalls in life! LOL! I love them!

  3. Beautiful finish! I love those buttons!

    The muffins sure look yummy, I want one for my breakfast now ha ha!


  4. I would love to have some of your snow! ;o) I love the snow too!

    Your Angel is soooo lovely. You did a fantastic job of finishing it!! Your scissors are gorgeous too!!!

    I hope you are having a blessed day!!
    Love, Heather

  5. I love how you finished Heaven and Nature Sing! The colors on the baby sampler are so pretty! Wow! The corn muffins look delicious. Perfect for a snowy day!

  6. " Heaven and Nature Sing" is so pretty!! What a great day for stitching!

  7. Your first finish of the year is beautiful. You did a great job with it. It was nice to see your snow pics. We had 70 degrees temps today, which is very abnormal and is expected to lead to really stormy weather in the next couple of days. Your muffins and soup sound wonderful. Seeing you with your grandkids always make me smile.

  8. Love the way you finished of the design. Beautiful scissors and fob too. Enjoy stitching the baby sampler

  9. Beautiful finish and finishing.
    I love snow too, especially when I don't have to go anywhere. There is nothng like the quiet of snow.
    Your new start looks lovely too.
    Have a great week!

  10. Such a pretty finish, the lace trim is very pretty. Your friend is going to love the baby sampler, such a lovely thought.

  11. Oh my goodness, your Heaven and Nature Sing is gorgeous! Fantastic finishing. Lovely work. Nice start on the baby sampler, too!

  12. Such a lovely hanging pillow finish, Kathy! I love it!! And your newest start will be much appreciated by your friend and her little granddaughter.

    It must be the season for suppers of soup and corn bread... For my Sunday dinner with my sons I just made cornbread and chicken taco soup--such a treat on a cold January night!

  13. Kathy, I am glad to read you are enjoying a snow day. The muffins look good. But, your angel finish is so pretty! I really like Brenda's designs, altho I haven't stitched many of them yet.

  14. Yes, our friendships are true gifts Kathy. So glad to have "met"you!!
    What a beautiful way to finish off that gorgeous piece.

  15. Your hanging pillow is beautiful !!!!

  16. Ooohhhh.....I love a good snow day as well. We've had a little snow, but are still waiting on a good snow day. I love that baby sampler ~ have it in my stash and stitched it about 16 years ago for one of my nieces.

  17. Hot soup and cornbread muffins would be what I would be serving here in the South on a cold winter day, too. The tea would be perfect this afternoon. I love your last thought...about our lives weaving together. It's wonderful, isn't it? Hugs! (the view from my window was quite different this week!)

  18. A sweet finish Kathy and a good way to start the year, here's to many more. I have never heard of corn muffins before.

  19. A lovely finish and great new start. The snow looks so peaceful and I can imagine your kitchen smelling so good and being warm from the baking of the muffins...I love breads of any kind!

  20. What a lovely post Kathy Ellen.
    Your pillow is so lovely. You finished it beautifully with the lace and vintage buttons.
    You are making great progress on the sweet baby sampler.
    Your corn muffins are making me hungry :)


  21. Your pillow is looking lovely and you've made a great start on the baby sampler.

    The muffins look yummy

  22. I'm not a snow bunny but I can understand everyone who is - sitting in a comfy chair with a book or some stitching or knitting while it's snowing outside - that's a lovely picutre even for me.

    Your first finish for this year looks so beautiful, and the lace is just the perfect hanger for the delicate design.

    I'd really love to come over and have some of the vegetable soup and muffins. ButI'm afraid, it would be a bittoo far away, lol.

  23. Such a lovely finish Kathy Ellen! The lace is a nice touch. Your new project is so pretty! Mm corn muffins!!

  24. I love your finished hanging pillow - so soft and pretty! Nice start and I'm beginning to drool myself with the muffins!


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Consider the Lilies of the Field
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