"She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands." ((Proverbs 31:13)

Monday, February 6, 2012

February.....The Month of Celebrating LOVE!

Everywhere you look, there are hearts and laces beautifully displayed, in every shop, proclaiming "LOVE".  We will all shop for our Valentines to give to those we love.....our spouses, our parents, children and grandchildren.  For "LOVE" is a message for sharing EVERY DAY.
Last week when I went to my LNS Stitching Group, I was thrilled to learn that  "Love Birds" was ready to be picked up!  I am saving it to give to my husband on Valentine's Day.  (You see, he is an avid stitcher too, so I know that he will appreciate it as much as I do!)
Yesterday afternoon I went to a really fun "Stitch-In" with a group of nice stitchers, before the Super Bowl kick-off in the evening.  We had a wonderful lunch and all kinds of delicious goodies to snack on, while we stitched and chatted the afternoon away. 

 This is my latest 'small' .  I love this sweet little piece.  It is easy to stitch and carry with me too.  It will be finished as a little pincushion, as it is designed to be.  I'm pondering how I want to make it a little different.  
"Small Token"
Reward of Merit Pincushion
BlackBird Designs
Using Recommended Threads
Miss Ella Pouring Tea for Mommy and GrandMaMa

Yesterday morning, when I paid a little visit to our daughter's house,
 little Miss Ella, decided that we would play 'Tea Party'!
She was delighted when her Mommy poured
a tiny bit of real tea into her little pink tea pot,
 a spot of milk in her creamer and  let her spoon sugar
from the china sugar bowl.
Love those adorable cookies too!

Don't you love her pretty green matching bib for the occasion?
Miss Meaghan Pouting After Being Scolded
For Chewing up My Kleenex
For the 3rd Time Today!
"I Don't Want To Look At You, Mommy.
I know that I Was A Naughty Dog."

My goodness, but the time just fleets away when I am blogging.
Time for my favorite cup of hot tea 
And Some Peaceful Moments with Needle and Thread!

It is always my joy to visit with you on your blogs,
and of course, I cherish the times when you come to
visit with me too!

Blessings in Stitches and Friendship!

Consider the Lilies of the Field

Consider the Lilies of the Field
"So why do you worry about clothing? Consider the Lilies of the Field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you, that even Solomon in all his glory, was not arrayed like one of these." Matt: 6: 28-29)