"She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands." ((Proverbs 31:13)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

This lovely cool waterfall is in our neighborhood, and oh does it look so welcoming on these very warm and humid summer days.  We are not permitted to go in the water there, but oh, is oh so tempting to take one's shoes off and sit on the rocks with the cool water splashing all around.......
Thankfully, we are having light showers here this afternoon, and hopefully it will cool things down a bit.  I am looking at some pretty dark ominous clouds out there.  

Tomorrow morning my stitching group are coming here for a day of blissful stitching.  Fortunately we have central air, so it will be lovely and cool.  I decided to make some cranberry pecan biscottis to serve with iced tea when everyone arrives.  

The past few weeks have flown by, and I must admit that being a full time nurse to my dear husband, who still is not permitted to weight bear on his operated foot yet, has left me pretty exhausted by each day's end.  Hence, even though I sit down after supper with needle, thread and linen in hand, I often find myself dosing off instead of stitching.  Occasionally, I have managed to stitch here and there, on 'Barnwood Buttons', and hope to finish up the stitching soon, so that I can sew on those adorable buttons!

For weeks I have been searching for the perfect birth sampler to stitch for our newest little granddaughter, Kyleigh, and I am really excited to stitch this beautiful design!  I have chosen different threads other than the recommended ones, but I think that they will look lovely.

I just have to share this adorable photo of Miss Ella with her latest most favorite acquisition........'Hello Kitty'.
Notice that Miss Ella and Kitty are about the same size!  Miss Kitty is even wearing her bathing suit, and she arrived in a pair of matching shorts and pink sandals too, all ready for the beach!  Just tooooooo cute, don't you think?

Well, I am thinking that, since it is 4:oo pm, it is time for my afternoon tea, and definitely a little stitching before it is time to make supper.

Although I am way behind on reading my favorite blogs, please know that you are always in my thoughts, dear friends.  I love visiting with you and always appreciate your wonderful comments so much!



  1. Have a lovely day tomorrow with your stitch group the cookies look yummy. Can't wait to see the buttons on your current project. Hope Bruce will able to move around soon.

  2. glad to hear that you are keeping cool. I hope that you had a wonderful time with your stitching friends.
    Your current project is lovely and I think that the birth sampler is really beautiful.
    Have a great week!

  3. Oh, isn't this heat horrid, Kathy? I sure hope we get a break soon--no rain for weeks and everything is looking brown and sad outside... I hope your enjoy your stitching day today--no matter what the temperatures you'll have a great time together!

    Your WIP looks so pretty and I love that new sampler you'll be making in honor of Kyleigh's birth--just adorable! I sure hope your husband improves very soon and you can set your nursing cap aside :)

  4. Hi Kathy. I have been wondering about you. So glad to hear of your fun, cool plans for today. We are in the 100's for a week now here in Wisconsin. :( I have prayed for your husband's foot. Take care. Say hi to Meaghan.

  5. Such a beautiful spot to sit and think, how lovely it is so close to your home.
    Miss Ella looks adorable, Kitty is such a favourite with little girls, the perfect companion.
    Get well wishes to your hubby, I hope he is soon feeling much better.
    Have fun with your stitching friends, those biscuits will certainly be a hit.

  6. Wow! That waterfall is so beautiful and you are luck to have it in your neighbourhood! I hope your husband is starting to feel better. My hubby had a foot surgery and it did take a while to heal and for him to walk about. Your stitching is lovely and I think that baby sampler is perfect!!!


  7. Iknow what you mean about sitting and cooling off, we have a few lovely water features around us too. Hope your husband soon is up and around....enjoy the stitch group and those delicious looking cookies.

  8. Wonderful that waterfall !!! Your stitching is beautiful as ever and I love the fabric you choose for it.
    Beautiful picture of Miss Ella and Kitty ;-)

  9. Nice to see a post from you Kathy. That waterfall is so pretty. Hope your husband continues to improve each day. What a cute pic of Miss Ella!!! Hope you had a fun day with your stitching group - those biscotti look delicious - and I love what you've chosen to stitch for the newest addition to your family.

  10. Darling sampler pattern! Hope you are having a nice summer, friend.

  11. Once again I am late reading your post. Barnwood Buttons is coming right along and I can't wait to see progress on the baby sampler. Love the colors you chose. Hope you had fun with your stitch group and had a wonderful 4th. I kept thinking about the fun we would have had if we'd signed up for the stitch retreat. Oh well, we'll do it another time. We are having a horrendous heat wave too. My ac went out Sat night and I was so thankful to get it repaired Tuesday afternoon. I'll have to send an email with the details. Hope Bruce is getting better.

  12. Thank goodness we have AC too because that heat is just unbearable. I've been thinking of all those poor people without power during this heat. I mean you can't even run a fan!
    Your biscotti looks yummy and I'm sure it went over very well.
    The birth sampler you chose is just so pretty and delicate! I can't wait to see it stitched.
    Ella is just so precious! Has she tried to carry Miss Kitty around with her?

  13. I hope you had fun with your stitching group Kathy Ellen.
    The treats you made for them look delicious!
    What a sweet picture of Ella and Kitty :)

  14. This heat has been terrible ~ and we've been sitting through it at ball games!
    I just love the birth sampler you decided on ~ a treasure for always!
    Ella is such a cutie!


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Consider the Lilies of the Field
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