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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Being Thankful and So Much More.....

May the warm sun shine down upon the very special Fathers in our lives today.  I count myself very blessed to have my own very dear 85 year old father still rather healthy, vibrant and persevering to be independent and enjoying life!  Dad is a man of faith and integrity, and loves his family with all of his heart.

My own wonderful husband, is a very special Father, a man who represents the very special qualities that our children revere in him as a father, and a true blessing in our lives in every way.  Now, with our four little grandchildren, he is loving every moment of being a Grandfather too, and enjoys being called, "Grandpa" and "Ba-Pa".

Now our sons have children of their own and are enjoying being fathers too.  As you can see, Grandpa is thoroughly enjoying center stage with 2 year old Emery and 4 month old Harrison.  Daddy Kevin is a very proud father indeed!

Our oldest son, Ryan, recently became a new father to little Kyleigh, born only a few short weeks ago.  This is his very first Father's Day!  

Life has been rather busy these past weeks, as my dear husband had some rather extensive foot surgery 3 weeks ago.  Although he is progressing very well, he is unable to bear any weight until next week, and hence my time and energy has been fully occupied, leaving precious little time for much stitching.  Alas, here and there, I have managed a stitch or two now and then.....
                         "French Square Biscornu"
                         By ScissorTail Designs

Because I am a left to right stitcher, the verse in this wonderful design, is incomplete.....the end of the verse is seen before the beginning.... Does that sound confusing?  Well, here is my progress thus far.
                               "Barnwood Buttons"
                                    Designed by Karen Kluba
                             Rose Wood Manor
                              Picture This Plus
                      Belfast 32 Ct. Barnwood
             Weeks Dye Works "Linen" Floss

So, in between the endless tasks to be done every day, I hope to have a few quiet moments with my needle and thread this week, and we'll see what comes!

Be well, dear friends, and I hope that our paths cross with one another very soon again, one stitch at a time!

Blessings in Stitches and Friendship!


  1. A wonderful family, I hope they enjoyed their Fathers day. congratulations to you all on your new arrival, adorable.I hope your hubby gets well soon and is not in too much pain.

  2. Such a lovely post - so great to see all of the wonderful Dads in your lovely family.
    Thanks for posting about my giveaway.

  3. I enjoyed seeing the pics of your family! Happy father's day to both your father and your DH. Special men indeed. I love the stitching you've managed as well. Hope your DH recovers quickly. Surgery is never fun, no matter what part of the body one has it on.

  4. Love the family pictures. It is wonderful that your father is doing so well at 85! The photo of you and Bruce is great. The biscornu is beautiful and your wip looks great. Hope Bruce is being a good patient!

  5. Love your Barnwood Buttons! Can't wait to see it completed with buttons!

    Hope your DH feels better each day! Enjoy your family!


  6. Lovely post.
    I hope that your husband continues to have a smooth recovery and is well soon.
    Beautiful stitching progress.

  7. Oh Kathy! It is so good to hear from you. I was just thinking of you yesterday. :)
    What lovely pictures you have shared with us. I love the fabric on Barnwood Buttons. Have a great week. http://astitchersstory.blogspot.com/

  8. What a nice post Kathy! All those handsome men in your family and such precious babies and little ones. Wishing your husband a steady recovery back to full health. What a sweet biscornu and nice progress on your WIP.

  9. Your family has been blessed with so many strong and loving men, Kathy! I so enjoyed seeing the photos of your dad, husband, and son :)

    I do hope your husband keeps on course for a full recovery.

    Lovely little biscornu and your WIP is just gorgeous--love the fabric you've chosen!

  10. Beautiful post for the men in your life! Love your stitches ~ I have never tried a biscornu. Maybe one of these days...

  11. What lovely family pictures Kathy Ellen.
    The grandchildren are just precious.
    The biscornu is beautiful and your WIP is very pretty also.

  12. Lovely post about the men in your life.

    Your biscornu is gorgeous and Barnwood Buttons is looking great

  13. Your biscornu turned out beautifully! I can't believe it was your first one. I have yet to try one - perhaps you will inspire me!


  14. Beautiful family photos Kathy! You have such a handsome group of men there. Your grandchildren are so very precious too. Congrats on the latest addition to your family.
    I hope your husband has a swift recovery. Your stitching is lovely as usual. I haven't seen Barnwood Buttons before. You've chosen a lovely fabric to stitch it on. Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Your family looks just wonderful & your photo - so beautiful ! I really like your biscornu finish ;)

  16. Lovely family photos Kathy! I love that photo of you you!! Congrats on the new grandson! He's adorable!! Your French biscornu is so sweet and pretty! Love that design you are stitching by Barnwood Buttons!!




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