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Friday, August 9, 2013

"Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head........"

Oh what a day of heavy rain we are having today, although it remains still warm and very humid outside......not especially a day that to venture out, but a perfect day for stitching!

I am a wee bit behind in my posting, but want to thank all of you very dear friends, who sent me so many wonderful birthday wishes. Last week, my sweet friend, Cucki, from South Africa, sent me a lovely package of of wonderful goodies!  I feel so blessed.

                            A precious silver bird charm.
                          Look at these beautiful scissors!

Now for a little more stitching progress on Quaker Christmas II. Stitch by stitch, I am happy to say that there was no 'frogging' this week!  Yea!

It was a bit tricky, trying to find a smooth 'stitchy journey' for these two motifs, but I love the way they look, especially the woven looking triangle in the middle.
Isn't this  motif a beauty?  I love it!

Last week, the 'bug' hit me to go through all of my stitching albums and sort everything, and put the patterns that I don't need anymore into bags to donate.  I think that my stitchy blog friend, Carol, inspired me, after I saw how she beautifully organized her stitching stash.
We bought this cabinet when we moved into our condo, to put near by sewing machine in our family room, so that I could have my stitching books nearby.

We live in a condo, with not a lot of storage space.  This is my little corner in our tiny furnace room, packed with boxes of threads, ribbons, etc.  I keep sorting and reorganizing, but my stash just seems to keep growing!  You know how that goes:)  Tee-hee-hee:)

It is always wonderful sharing with all of you here, and I count myself as very blessed that we have all become connected to one another, through the threads of friendship of our love of stitching.

May you be blessed every day!



  1. Lovely post , lovely gift from cucki , Great stitching and it is always nice to see how we all keep our sewing bits tidy.

  2. Your Christmas Quaker is beautiful and good for you for organizing!

  3. Your stitching looks lovely and I am glad it is going smoothly. Hello Meggie from Mabel and Henry. =)

  4. Hi Kathy Ellen! Your stitching is beautiful! I am tempted to get that to stitch. ; 0) We are having a similar day as you are. We have moved to northern Delaware from Southern Arizona so it's been a hard few weeks. ; 0) I am watching it drizzle right now. I hope you have a blessed weekend.
    Love Heather

  5. oooo love the colour and well done on your stitching progress ... I don't know what it is about stitching stash but it does seem to grow doesn't it ... and been there and done that with the sorting and still have oodles ..lol love mouse xxxxxx

  6. What beautiful progress! I know what you mean about a "stitchy journey" - especially with variegated thread, where you really want the different shades to show. Good luck with the organizing! :D

  7. What a wonderful surprise from cucki. Happy Birthday.

  8. Lovely present from Cucki! I love your Quaker Christmas -- it's gorgeous!!!! Wow! Love the colors and the way it's coming out!

  9. Wonderful gifts from Cucki! Love your Christmas Quaker, the color is just so beautiful!

    My stash is forever growing too ha ha!

    Have a beautiful weekend!


  10. Beautiful gift from Cucki.
    Great progress on your beautiful stitching.

  11. aww i truly love your sweet stitches..so pretty like always :)
    me so happy that you liked my humble gift..
    sending you big hugs x



  13. Lovely gift from Cucki. Great progress on Quaker Christmas, it's looking gorgeous

  14. Rainy days are right after my taste - perfect days for stitching and reading. And your WIP lokks really great. Quakers are always a pleasure to stitch because each motif is different and you can go from motif to motif and see your progress easily.
    Great how you managed to organize your stash. Looks very neat.
    Enjoy your beautiful goodies from Cucki.

  15. Oh Happy Belated Birthday Kathy!! So sorry to have missed it but I was on vacation. The gifts from Cucki are so lovely!! So sweet of her. Love your progress on your Quaker Christmas and your stash is so nicely organized. It always feels good to get things in order...allows the creative energy to flow!



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Consider the Lilies of the Field
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