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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello Dear Friends.  I want to wish all of you a very Happy Mother's Day!  

It has been the most wonderful blessing for me to have a very precious Mother, now 84 years old, who has always loved me and my siblings unconditionally all of our lives.  She  has been my role model as a Mother, wife and now a Grandmother, and I am so thankful for her example in how to love and care for my own family.  

              God Bless You My Very Dearest Mother!

Our own sweet children and grandchildren gave me beautiful and funny cards for Mother's Day.  

On Friday night, our daughter, Carra, stopped by with Miss Ella to show us the winning cupcakes from a cupcake contest earlier in the afternoon.  It seems that Carra's 'Cookie Monster cupcake was the winner, but Miss Ella ate the winning cupcake on the way to our house.  So they brought some of the other very special cupcake entries for us to sample.
My favorite one was the cupcake with a Dogwood flower in the middle.  The one at the top of the dish was supposed to be a "Mashed Potatoes With Butter" cupcake.  (It was really frosting, but it sure looked like mashed potatoes!)

If you have wondered where I have been hiding these past weeks, I can honestly tell you that I have honestly meant, every day, to write a post, and the days have just slipped away.  But here I am at long last....

Quaker Christmas II is still on my stitching frame and will be for quite a while until it is finished.  I love all of the beautiful little motifs and songs in this wonderful design.

 I love the way this Stacy Nash "1802 Biscournu Pinkeep" turned out.  It is a most unique biscornu design, which I won from Anne of          Doll's Musings.  So, in the spirit of giving, I also held a giveaway of the design, when I was finished with it, for the girls in my Wednesday morning stitching group.  

Last week, a most lovely surprise was waiting for me in my mailbox, from my very special friend, Donna, (no blog).
Isn't this a very special treasure?  I love the little bees buzzing about above the flowers, and the beautiful marking pin that Donna stuck in the top right corner.  Thank you so much, Donna!  I absolutely love it!

Well, dear friends, it has been a very long, but happy day today, and it is time for my favorite cup of tea and some stitching time before I say, "Nightie - night".  

May you be be blessed with with love, joy, peace, contentment in the little things in life, and comfort in the midst of the trials and sorrows that are part of life.  But most of all, God Bless You every day!

Blessings & Hugs!


  1. Your mother looks a wonderful lady, so happy you had a lovely Mothers day.
    Love all your stitching again, hugs.

  2. You've been missed, Kathy! The biscornu looks gorgeous, and your progress on Quaker Christmas is excellent! :D

  3. Happy Mother's Day Kathy!
    The cupcakes and your stitching are amazing. What a lovely gift from your friend!

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! You are blessed indeed to have your mother. I miss mine so much. The cupcakes look so good! As does your stitching. Beautiful -- love the biscornu!

  5. Such a nice post Kathy. I am so glad for you, that you have a wonderful mother. What kind of dog does she have?

  6. No better compliment for a winning cake than to eat it lol.

  7. What a delightful picture of you mother, Kathy Ellen.
    I enjoyed the pictures of your stitching too, especially Quaker Christmas II.
    It sounds like you both had a very special Mothers Day:)

  8. Congratulations on your finishes! It sounds like you have a very special mom.

    Carra's cupcake REALLY does look like mashed potatoes with gravy and butter! Amazing!

  9. Kathy: Happy Mothers day to you.
    What an adorable picture of your Mother she is adorable.
    Miss Ella is sooooo cute.
    The cupcakes are yummy looking.
    Love your biscornu is beautiful.
    Love the pillow so springy.

  10. A "mashed potato" cupcake--now that's a first!! Love it!! I'm so glad you enjoyed such a special Mother's Day, Kathy--lovely to see a picture of your dear mother, too.

    Beautiful stitching--I love the Quaker Christmas more each time I see it :)

  11. Kathy Quaker Virtues looks awesome the biscornu is lovely as well.

  12. Your post is lovely, Kathy Ellen. Aren't we blessed to have our moms as our angels and loves here on earth?
    I hope you enjoyed a nice Mothers Day too.

    You are making wonderful progress on Quaker Christmas. It's a beautiful piece that I have always loved. I might just have to add that to my wishlist!
    Your biscornu is very unique.

    How thoughtful of Donna to stitch such a dear treasure for you.

    What adorable cupcakes! Congrats to your daughter for her winning confection. Your little granddaughter seems quite happy with her mama's win :)

    Happy Stitching and Blessings to you

  13. Happy Mother's day Kathy!! Sounds like you both had a wonderful day. Love your Quaker Christmas and your biscornu came out beautifully! I'm glad one of your stitching ladies will get the chance to stitch it!!


  14. Sounds like you had a lovely day.

    Great progress on Quaker Christmas and your biscornu is lovely


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