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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Feeling Blessed

Looking out my window, the late afternoon sun has drifted behind the floating grey clouds, providing a wonderful backdrop to the tall pines and trees, now barren of their autumn leaves.  Halloween has already past and November is upon us.  

Early days this week, our Northeast seacost and inland towns weathered one of the worst storms in over a hundred years.  We were thankfully spared any loss of our home and maintained power.  Others up and down the coast, including New York City, New Jersey and many other coastal towns and cities were not so fortunate.  The cleanup and restoration of homes, businesses, roads and power will take weeks and months.  Our hearts ache for them and our prayers are ongoing.

Being among the very blessed and more fortunate, I spent many long hours, stitching to calm my very anxious heart, as I watched continuous news coverage of the storm's path and the havoc she wreaked on Monday and Tuesday.

Fortunate that we were among the blessed, that our power did not go out, I was able stitch to pass the time, and made some more progress on 'Christmas Garden' (Black Bird Designs), 

I managed to finish the first right top section on Monday and started stitching the the top left section on Tuesday.  

A pretty varigated snowflake, some little snowflakes and a snowbird....

Just for a little change of pace, this sweet 'School Girl Sampler Thimble Purse' (With Thy Needle and Thread), seemed like the perfect thing.  I am thinking of re-drawing the purse template to fit the purse hardware, so that the full design can be appreciated, as it is so sweet.  Having made two previous purses, the template for finishing has covered up some of the design, which was very unfortunate. 

To brighten up our week, two of our sons sent us some cute pictures of our youngest grandchildren, dressed up for Halloween.   Harrison, who is such a cute, happy little boy, was in his glory with all of those stuffed pumpkins.  We couldn't believe how he would sit there, happily posing for his picture.  

Sweet little Kyleigh, dressed up in her little dinosaur costume, lives in a much warmer climate, so that her picture could be taken outside.  We haven't met her in person yet, as they live quite far away, but we enjoy visiting with her on Skype, which is just wonderful.

Well, the afternoon is slipping away, dear friends, and I think that it is about time for my afternoon tea and some stitching time!

It is always such a blessing whenever you visit with me here, and I love to read all of your wonderful comments.  Thank you so much!

Blessings in Stitches & Friendship!


  1. Hello dear I am so glad to know that you are fine and well..
    Your stitching is always so lovely ..cute projects..
    Aww the baby is so sweet..kisses
    Love for you xxx

  2. Stitching looks lovely and babies are adorable!

  3. Gorgeous stitching-glad you and yours are 0k!

  4. Kathy!! Both of your grandchildren are precious, but I just go crazy for baby feet! So adorable.♥

  5. The babies are so cute! I am glad that you missed the worst of the storm.

  6. Your Christmas Garden looks wonderful!I'm busy stitching away at mine. The Grandchildren are just adorable!

  7. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost their homes this week. Such a disaster like that shakes everyone. We also had two earthquakes off the coast of BC at the same time so now my husband and I are prepared with our earthquake pack. You never know when something can happen.

    Beautiful stitching and adorable grandbabies!!



  8. Kathy,
    I am loving your progress on Christmas Garden. The other day while searching on a cross stitch website I saw the design School Girl Sampler Thimble Purse. I am thinking I really want to stitch one of these. Your stitching is lovely. Harrison and Kyleigh are so sweet dressed up for Halloween. You are right about how blessed we are and we should never take these things for granted. Hugs, Carolyn

  9. Your sewing is always so beautiful.
    How sweet and cute your Grand children look. hugs.

  10. Good to know that you didn't suffer any damage from Sandy. It was terrible to see all the devastations the storm caused on TV.

    Both your projects look so great. I love the little purse design and I'm very curious to see how you will finish it.
    Such lovely pictures of your grandchildren. They look adorable in their Halloween costumes. I also had a picture of my little grandson who is 6 months old now and he wore a Star Wars costume - Yoda (his daddy is a Star Wars fan, lol). He was so cute in it.

  11. Oh, both grandchildren are just adorable, Kathy--I'm sure you can't stop smiling at those sweet little faces :)

    Lovely progress on CG... So glad you had no storm damage or loss of power. We were equally lucky :)

  12. I'm so glad that you didn't suffer any damage. Your stitching is lovely! Isn't it so nice to have the rhythm of the needle and thread to calm our nerves?! Your grandkids are soooo adorable!

  13. Beautiful stitches, but oh, those little ones ~ positively precious!!

  14. Both Christmas Garden & the thimble purse are looking lovely

    Gorgeous photo's of the grandkids :)

  15. I'm so pleased you were safe in the storm.
    Beautiful stitching, I find it always calms me when I am stressed.
    Your grandchildren look adorable!


Consider the Lilies of the Field

Consider the Lilies of the Field
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