"She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands." ((Proverbs 31:13)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finally!  'Barnwood Buttons' has all of her sweet little button flowers sewn onto the stems!
                Fabric:  Picture This Plus Belfast
                              32 Ct. Barnwood
               Floss:   Weeks Dye Works #1094 Linen 
               Buttons:  From Rosewood Manor

Here a few close-up photos so that you can see all of these wonderful buttons.

Now, to select just the perfect frame!

Wednesday morning stitching group afforded a few lovely uninteruppted hours, with the girls, to work on my 'Sweet Baby Sampler'.
There are some pretty specialty stitch flowers and bands to stitch in the next part, and I can't wait to see how this sweet sampler just blossoms!

Because it was my birthday this week, my very dear friend, Martha treated me to another very special luncheon and tea at Mrs. Bridges Pantry!  The very best present ever!
Of course we just had to tour this wonderful antique shop, just below 'Mrs. Bridges' Pantry'.  Lots of fun!

Every little detail, especially the beautiful teacups, makes this a truly delightful experience!

Our darling daughter and I share a birthday week, and we celebrated her birthday last evening.  Miss Ella decided that a "Winne the Pooh" cake was in order for the occasion!
Made by her Mommy, who loves to bake and decorate cakes. Miss Ella was beyond thrilled!
Dear Daughter & Miss Ella
Miss Ella picked out 'Hello Kitty' plates, for the occasion and laid them all out in a neat little row.

Last Sunday, our son, Kevin, his wife, Gwen, two year old Emerson, and 6 month old Harrison came to help Grammama celebrate a special birthday!  
Sweet little 6 month old Harrison, who is wearing his Daddy's sleep nightie! 
The car is all packed and Emery is getting ready to go!

There is never ending joy spent with our precious children and grandchildren.  We are treasuring these very special moments, as they are the truest and most lasting of all of our family heirlooms.

Blessings to you, dear friends, on this Sunday afternoon.


  1. Such a sweet post ..beautiful stitching ...
    Happy belated birthday deary..looks like you all had lots of fun ..time spent with family is the best.
    Hugs xxx

  2. Barnwood buttons is a beautiful finish, the buttons are so pretty.

    I could feel the family love in this post Kathy, i too have spent a lovely afternoon picnicimg with my family for my own birthday which I celebrate tomorrow.

    Hapoy Birthday wishes to you, a lovely way to spend time with your friend,I did that too last week, an early celebration as my friend is on hols this week.

    I could have almost wrote this post myself!

  3. Both the buttons and the fabric lend a lot of interest to this project. I've not stitched on linen this dark - it certainly is very striking! The Sweet Baby Sampler is looking great too. I'm not familiar with this project and I'll watch it unfold here vs. going to look it up. I rather like the idea of seeing sections at a time!

  4. Happy belated birthday Kathy. Barnwood Buttons looks great. When our son Emerson was little, I called him Eme(Emeee). We call him Emer for a nick name now.

  5. Beautiful finish and some sweet pictures!

  6. Kathy: Happy Birthday to you and your Daughter, love the Winnie The Pooh cake, nice stitching, I am glad you are spending time with your Grandchildren.

    Happy Birthday


  7. Happy birthday to you and your DD! such cute pictures! I love your finish too. It's so pretty and delicate, and such wonderful buttons! The birth sampler looks wonderful too!

  8. "Barnwood Buttons" is gorgeous, just love those wonderful buttons!

    Love your progress on the Baby Sampler!

    Happy Birthday to you and Miss Ella!


  9. What a great finish, Kathy--those buttons are all adorable!

    Lovely to see all the family photos--your daughter certainly resembles you. Happy Birthday to you and your daughter--love the cake and plates Miss Ella chose :)

  10. Your finish is beautiful! The buttons are gorgeous. I am glad that you and your daughter had great birthdays. The grandkids are beautiful.

  11. love your button stitch. And would like to wish you a Happy Birthday, what a wonderful family you have you are so blessed. hugs.

  12. Happy Birthday, Kathy, it sounds and looks like you had a wonderful birthday week. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Gostei muito de suas publicações! Um abraço.

  14. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday full of special times with friends and family. I'm so glad you had some fun times! Your Barnwood Buttons looks great. I can't wait to see the specialty stitches on the sampler and your rug hooking start. I have been staying off the computer lately, so I am really late in commenting once again!

  15. Your barnyard buttons are lovely! Happy Birthday to you Kathy and your granddaughter! What beautiful grandchildren you have!!

  16. Happy Birthday Kathy

    Congratulations on finishing Barnwood Buttons, it's gorgeous

  17. What a sweet birthday girl and happy occasion! I love the beautiful stitching with the pretty buttons. What a wonderful design!

  18. Love the buttons!! What a beautiful piece!
    Happy Birthday to you and your daughter! Such sweet family pictures ~ treasured times for sure!

  19. Barnwood Buttons is a wonderful piece, it really looks special with all the button-flowers. I'm already very curious to see what frame you'jj choose for it.
    Thanks for sharing all the family pictures. Your grandchildren are just adorable.

  20. I love your Barnwood Buttons finish! It looks breathtaking. Rosewood Manor are fantastic designers, aren't they? The sampler I've been working on recently is also from them. Anyway, great job!


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Consider the Lilies of the Field
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