"She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands." ((Proverbs 31:13)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh, What a Glorious Day!

Today is a glorious day, and I just couldn't resist capturing this lovely, flowering pink tree in our backyard.  Before long, the blossoms will drop and then we will have to wait until next Spring to enjoy them again.

As I stitched away on some of my little 'Spring' pieces, I realized that it has been 2 weeks since I have posted anything!  So, here I am, and here are my most recent finishes.
'Five Little Eggs'
by Shepherd's Bush
Although I showed you the finished stitching before Easter, I had not had time to finish it as a pincushion and sew on the silk ribbon and little beads. 

'April Word Play'
by Brenda Gervais
With Thy Needle & Thread

 Instead of the recommended 'rusted jingle bells', to be sewn along the bottom of this little doorbell pillow, I decided to add some pearlized flower buttons.  I think that they add a nice touch  of  Springtime flowers!

Next up, is the beginning of 'May WordPlay', which I just started, so not much progress so far.  I'm not sure why I am so addicted to these little WordPlay pillows, but then I love stitching monthly pieces, and putting them up every year.
Guess who has been sleeping in Mama Bear's Chair today?  Miss Meggie, that's who!
When Meggie heard me snapping a picture of her sleeping, she decided to poker her little face out, to see why on earth Mama was bothering her.
Here we are, looking cute, tucked in back with Mama's back and arm pillows that I use when stitching.  Meggie thinks Mama's stitching nest is really HER nest.....for sleeping of course!

Where ever you are today, and whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope that you will find some peaceful moments, just for yourself, to indulge in what you enjoy doing most......possibly a little stitching time?  

May the joy of life delight you.  May peace abide within your heart. May faith be your guiding light, and may you find true contentment in the simplest things in life.

Blessings in Stitches & Friendship With All of You, My Very Dear Friends!


  1. Such wonderful spring stitching, Kathy. I really like the addition of the little flower buttons rather than the rusty jingle bells for the spring month--what a great idea. I love these charts, too--have bought all of them, just haven't stitched a one...

    It really is the most lovely spring ever--enjoy your day :)

  2. Oh my! Both pieces are wonderful! I love how you finished them! And Meggie -- so adorable! lol about her thinking your stitching chair is for her to sleep in! We have the same problem with DH's chair -- Mia thinks it's hers to sleep in. :D

  3. Hi Kathy: The tree is lovely and such a refreshing look.
    All your stitching projects are beautiful, I have to say that Maggies pictures are my favorite.
    Happy Spring

  4. Your finishes are stunning! and Meggie is gorgeous!

  5. Wonderful finishes, love the two pillows! Those flower buttons add a pretty n springy touch to the pillow!


  6. Your finishes are beautifully done! I love that little rabbit in the wagon. :) I seem to be developing a thing for rabbits. The hanger and buttons on April Word Play are so pretty. Meggie looks cozy and tucked up, but why do they always choose our seat? :) Hope your foot is doing better!

  7. Thank you Kathy you always have such kind, wonderful things to say. :) Love Meaghan! I like your finishes very much. Have a great weekend!

  8. Gorgeous finishes! You did such a great job on the pincushion and the little doorhanging. The mother of pearl flower buttons are just the right touch!

  9. You did a lovely job with the pincushion. I love those Word Play designs too and the flower buttons you used.

  10. Wonderful finishes! Love the little flower buttons on the word play. Meggie is a cutie.

  11. Beautiful finishes Kathy. I love the little flower buttons you added to the word play.

    Awww Meggie is so adorable! I just want to reach out and cuddle her:)

  12. Beautiful stitching Kathy your work is always so beautiful.
    What a lovely blossom tree.
    Your doggy is so sweet .

  13. Beautiful stitching as always! So happy to see a post from you and know that you are happily tucked away in your stitching nest.

  14. Two super finishes, so pretty.

  15. Oh what gorgeous finishes Kathy!! I love the little pearl buttons you added to "April Word Play!" The SB design is so pretty too and I love the black/gray ribboned edging you chose for the pillow! Stunning! Sweet little Meggie! She is a darling!!


  16. Beautiful tree! I love spring and wish the loveliness would last a touch longer ~ but I guess that is why I appreciate it all the more, because it is such a short time! Your finishes as so sweet ~ love your choice of the buttons on the wordplay, very clever!
    And your Meggie ~ too cute!

  17. Beautiful finishes Kathy, congratulations

  18. such gorgeous finishes they look stunning. and I love your new start.

  19. Pretty spring finishes! I love your addition of the pearlized buttons to your Wordplay pillow.They suit the piece so much more than the bells.
    Meggie is so precious!


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Consider the Lilies of the Field
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