"She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands." ((Proverbs 31:13)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I've been rather in a bit of a fog lately..... I tell myself that it must be the "heat of summer".  At least it sounds like a good reason to blame my lack of stitching and blogging:)

In the midst of working on "The Mystery Sampler", I decided that I needed to take a little break and work on something "small" for a change of pace.  I guess that I just wanted the satisfaction of being able to complete a piece of needlework in a few days.  This is my finished pincushion!
                                "Antique Locks and Keys"
                     (Shakespeare's Peddler)   
                                                 Pincushion Top Portion     
                                            Pincushion Bottom Portion
                    Fabric:  36 Ct. Fresco Linen (Picture This Plus)
                   Fibers:  Plush Plum Crescent Colours Belle Soie
         The "Mystery Sampler" is coming along, and I am now working on Part III, so it is in the "Home Stretch" mode, and I must admit that I really love it!  It is a very unique sampler.  The colours are wonderful and it has been lots of fun to stitch with the girls in my LNS stitching group.

Our stitching group is a wonderful group of ladies, all of whom share in our enthusiasm of stitching addiction, for sure!
This is Shirley, an incredible stitcher, who recently finished the "Anne Grant" Sampler.  It is stitched on 40 count linen.  Isn't it beautiful?

Here is Bev's gorgeous Flower Garden Sampler.  To really appreciate the fine work that Bev has done on each hand appliqued block here are a few of my favorite squares.

Wish that I could claim the fine stitching and quilting in these lovely squares.  I definitely have been feeling inspired to consider taking out my quilting again.  In fact, I have a queen sized quilt that I have never finished quilting, although it is completely basted and just waiting for the quilting to begin!  I think that I just need to take it out and have the quilting done so that it can go on one of our beds!

Oops!  Where does the time go?  My blogger photo mode has been giving me grief this afternoon as I have been trying to write this post.  Now it is almost time to prepare dinner, and our son, Ryan and his wife, Alissa, are coming for dinner!  Guess that I had better get going!  All for today,but hopefully I won't be away for as long since my last time blogging.  I miss all of my dear stitchy bloggy friends too much when I am away!

Blessings to you, dear friends!


  1. My dear Kathy, I have dinner cooking, so thought I'd try once again to comment on your blog. Blogger was not available the last two times I tried! You have so many more things I can feast my eyes on!!! Gorgeous things ro see and read about... I adore both your finished "Antique Lock and Keys" by Shakespeare's Peddler and the mystery sampler, "Birds of a Feather." I'm in love with this unique little sampler and visit a blog where the gals are all working on this. Some are finished, so it's no longer a mystery, but I love it so much that I'm thinking of investing the $50 or so to get it! Your stitching is lovely, dear.

    And it's so nice that you have a group with whom you stitch. I'm also so fortunate, and we have dinner first, then meet at our LNS, who sponsors the monthly meeting. Isn't it just wonderful?

    Also, I scrolled on down and saw that you collect teddies, as do I. They're all over my house, and when I start thinking of getting rid of so many, I get all torn up and feeling like I'm hurting their little feelings. I have a huge number of Boyds Bears, and I love yours with the little Raggedy Ann. So very sweet. I'm such a pushover for a bear, as you can tell. It takes one to know one ;-)

    Thanks again for a wonderful visit to your blog, where I feel I'm in great company with a fellow lover of the same things. We are sisters of a sort, so many miles apart.

  2. Love your Keys finish -- so pretty! Your Mystery Sampler is coming along nicely too! Gorgeous Ann Grant from your friend. And that quilt -- wow!

  3. Your mystery sampler is coming along beautifully. Love the keys finish. The little metal keys are perfect with it.

  4. Your Keys pincushion is lovely and you have made great progress on the Mystery Sampler. Thank you for the glimpse of the wonderful work by the ladies in your stitch group.

  5. Love your BoaF MS, Kathy. It's looking great. And glad that you have such a nice group of stitchy friends!!

  6. Congrats on finishing this adorable little pillow. Like you I do like to start and finish something small every now and then. It feels good to have a finish in between working on larger pieces. And your finish is just lovely.
    Love your progress on "Birds of a Feather". I still have to start on part 3.

  7. Love your pincushion! Your Mystery SAL looks great too. I seem to be in a bit of a funk as well and haven't had much motivation to stitch lately. I'm hoping that now that our weather is cooler I'll pick up a bit more energy!
    Your friends' stitching and finishes are fantastic! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  8. Kathy: What a wonderful idea putting keys on the pincushion it does add caracter.
    I am in love with the Mystery Sampler however I am not as far along as you are.
    You are so nice to show a fellow stitchers work, how lovely the Sampler is. She did a wonderful job.


  9. Your Antique Locks and Keys is beautiful. I love how you've finished it.

    The mystery sampler is looking gorgeous.

  10. Love your little Keys finish! Your mystery sampler is really coming along.

    Ann Grant looks fabulous framed and what a beautiful quilt. How wonderful to have a group of talented ladies to be involved with:)

  11. You always show such beautiful projects; I wish I had time to stitch and sew everything. I especially like your key pincushion. That's definitely one I would like to get the chart for.


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