"She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands." ((Proverbs 31:13)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Ramblings, Stitching & Such...

It seems like it has been ages since I've had time to write anything or visit any of my favorite blogs.  Where do all of the days go so quickly, I wonder?

A few days ago, Bruce and I decided to take a day and drive a few hours to visit with my parents, take dinner and spend the day with them.  My sister, Nancy and her youngest son, Brendan, had also dropped by for a visit, and so we had a wonderful time together.
When I arrived, wearing my embroidered denim jumper, my mother quietly went upstairs and changed into her denim jumper which was very similar to mine, and came down laughing.  We just had to have our pictures taken together.  She is 82 years old.  Isn't she just beautiful?  She is just too sweet for words!

Whenever we visit, my father always asks "What kind of  pie are you going to make for me this time?"  You see, he absolutely loves pie, especially fruit pies.  We tease him that his real name is "The Pieman".  So I decided to make a fresh peach pie this time.  Dad even asked me if I used fresh or canned peaches.  He is so funny.

Tuesday, after an early doctor's appt., I went to visit my friend, Ellen, for some lunch and a stroll around her beautiful back yard.  She served a lovely luncheon, in her nice screened in porch.  We had chicken salad with assorted  garden veggies, fresh sourdough bread and homemade gingersnaps, rhubarb cake and chocolate bars for dessert with tea, of course.  I tease Ellen that her lunches are fit for a Queen!

Yesterday was my day to enjoy some stitching with the girls in my LNS stitching group.  We always have a wonderful time, chatting, sewing, browsing around the shop to see what's new, and afterwards, we head across the street to our favorite bagel restaurant for some lunch and more chatter.

Here is some progress on Jennie Bean's Humble Servant Sampler, thus far.  The Weeks' threads in the top portion of this little bush are "Hyacinth", which are so light in color that they are not showing up as nicely in this photo, as on the actual linen.  It's a sweet piece and I am enjoying stitching it.    More to come later....

Here is the framed piece, "To Have A Good Friend", which I finished for my friend, Martha's Birthday.  I will be seeing her this coming weekend, and can't wait to give it to her.  She is such a special and dear friend

        Just A Few of My Favorite Things......

An old photo of my husband's grandparents, my favorite pewter scissors, and a beautiful little pincushion that I found in the Enfield, (NH) Shaker Museum.

    Close-up of the beautiful pewter scissors & crystal "Teapot" scissors fob.

Oh dear, as I sit here in our basement family room, totally absorbed in my posting, I believe that I hear the roar of thunder outside and pouring rain.  The weather forecasts had said that we would have "LATE" afternoon thunderstorms, but it is rather early so the stormy fronts must be moving in much more quickly than anticipated.  And, I had best sign off for now and go take a peek at what is happening outside!  Yikes!

Stay cool and dry inside if the temperatures are soaring where you live, like it has been here.  Time for some stitching indoors, for sure!

Crossing in Stitches & Friendship With You!


  1. Kathy, what a wonderful post. You have had alot fun with family and friends. The peach pie looked very yummy. Jenny Bean is coming along nicely. Oh, I also bought a beautiful pin cushion in Enfield. Didn't we all have a great time!

  2. Kathy, Your mother is beautiful! I can only hope to have her spirit at 82!

  3. Wow, Kathy, you have been busy. You're making good progress on your WIP, and I love the frame you chose. It complements Friendship nicely. That backyard is gorgeous!! Sounds like you had a fun day with your mom and dad and sister and nephew. Family rocks!!

  4. What a gorgeous picture of you and your mum. Your mum looks way younger then 82. Jenny Bean is coming along great.
    Your friend will be delighted with this beautiful gift and I LOVE your scissors.

  5. What a lovely pic of you, your mother and sister and her son! I love it! And yes, your dresses are similar, aren't they? Your friends' sunporch is gorgeous! That pie looks delicious too. I love your JB Humble Servant sampler so far! And I bet your friend will love her present!

  6. The picture of you and your Mom in your denim jumpers is too cute! I love all your favorite things, especially the Shaker pin cushion. Yum, peach pie looks luscious.

  7. Hello Kathy! I too have not been blogging much and was thinking of you so decided I had to stop by this morning. You have a beautiful family and how nice that you were able to stop by. The lunch with a friend sounds lovely too. It is so nice to be able to spend time with friends.

    Glad to hear you have a stitching group in your LNS. I know my time spent with my quilt group is precious. I love sharing time and inspirations with them.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead and perhaps have more time to stitch on your pretty JB sampler. It is coming along so nicely.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  8. What a fine family and pie! I'm drooling just hearing about your meal. But I'm trying to decide if I'm annoyed or endebted to you. Sure I'd seen all the pics of Humble Servant, and I liked it a lot, but the moment I saw your progress pic I thought "I must have that." Now I have to go shopping and it's all your fault. :)...... thanks!

  9. oh your sampler is veru beautiful
    have a good day

    marylin in France

  10. I loved seeing the picture of you and your beautiful 82 year old Momma, your sister and her son. Something about family photos always draws me in!

    And...girl...that stitching~


    Love it!

    xoRebecca PS: Love the Jumpers, too!

  11. What a nice picture of your family!

    Nice progress on JB Humble Servant Sampler. I'm working on that piece too:)))

  12. Lovely stitching there. Like your framed finish.

    Happy stitching to you.

  13. Hi Kathy: Your mother looks so young for 82 years of age I love the denim jumpers I have many they are so comfortable.
    Yum pie any kind is wonderful. I love your pewter scissors and the fob attached to it.
    Jenny Bean is so beautiful I should add it to my stash.
    Blessings to you.


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Consider the Lilies of the Field
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