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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beautiful Flowers & Another Finish

Hope that all of you Mothers had a very special Mother's Day.  Our children made my Mother's Day weekend extra special by coming here and there over Saturday and Sunday.  It was fun, but a little exhausting, as my dear husband assisted everyone in making meals on both days!  I felt like a little pampered queen!  I received lovely flowers and cards, some of which made me cry, with their sweet, heartfelt sentiments.  I am blessed beyond measure!
Love the Ladybug!
I adore red carnations!

Daughter, Carra, with "Miss" Ella and her favorite bear, 
"A-Ma", whose name we think means "Grandma" because Ella loves Grandma's teddy bear collection!

Drawn Thread "May" Mini_Pocket Calendar

Closeup View

Calendar Cover Lining

New  Start for a Friend's Birthday at the end of the Month, just started yesterday, but it's stitching up nicely.....I love the soft colours of this design!

Whoops.....I've got to watch the time.  Carra and Ella are picking me up for lunch and to spend the afternoon together at their house for a change.  Fun! Fun! Fun!

Enjoy your day, and hope that you have just a little time for some stitching sometime today too!

Crossing in Stitches & Friendship With You!


  1. I love the flowers -- how cute to have a little ladybug on it! Love the pic of your DD and GD -- so cute! Great Drawn Thread finish! And the new start is pretty! What is it?

  2. Lovely finish, congratulations

  3. The flowers are gorgeous, and so is the pic of Ella. (Of course, she's ALWAYS cute, lol.) Hope you get your gift done in time. I too like the colors!

  4. Those flowers are beautiful. Lovely photo of your DD and Ella.

    Your new start is so pretty. The colours are gorgeous.

    Love your Dt finish.

  5. Sounds like your Mother's Day was lovely, Kathy! Always nice to be pampered a bit, isn't it?

    Your Drawn Thread pocket calendar is so pretty and your new start has such soft, pretty colors :)

  6. Pretty flowers! It sounds like it was a wonderful Mother's Day.
    Your pocket calendar is gorgeous!

  7. I'm glad that you enjoyed your special day! Your daughter & granddaughter are beautiful!

    Love the finish!

  8. Your new start is very pretty

    Wonderful flowers, i bet the smell in your home was super.

    Your grandaughter is a cutie, my first grandchild is due at the end of this month and i can't wait!!


Consider the Lilies of the Field

Consider the Lilies of the Field
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