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Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Has Sprung At Last!

For the first time, today actually feels like it is finally springtime!  It started off a little cloudy and chilly this morning, but as the progressed, by noontime, it was sunny and warm outside...around 75 degees.  Definitely warmer outside than inside the house, for a change.  The flowers are starting to show green shoots in the flower beds too.

We celebrated Miss Ella's FIRST BIRTHDAY!  Where has this year gone so quickly?
Ella Claps While Everyone Sings "Happy Birthday"!

Captivated by the Birthday Cake
 My how our two little grandchildren of ours have grown so much this past year.  Emery, our grandson, who lives in PA, turned ONE in January, and he is walking and running everywhere, and talking up a storm too.  Last week, our son, Kevin, called and turned on the speaker phone, so that we could hear Emery talking, and he was saying, "cracker".  He is also being taught "signing" for words, so he signs as well as tries to say the words at the same time.  Very smart little boy indeed!
Emery Slides All by Himself!

Over this past weekend I finished my "April" mini-calendar cover, complete with it's pretty coordinated lining.  If I do say so myself, I am quite proud of it because I tend to shy away from small pieces that require finishing details, but I think it turned out nicely.
Drawn Thread Design
32 Count "Violet Mist" Linen
Needlepoint, Inc. Silks
Calendar Cover Lining

Last week I finally made it back to my sewing group, at our LNS, after a long break with my most recent surgery.  A stitching friend offered to pick me up and take me, and it felt so wonderful being back with all of the girls again!  While there, I just had to poke through some of the newest needlework projects on display, and of course, I couldn't resist purchasing a few of them.  This is my progress so far, on one of them, "Basket of Memories", by Blackbird Designs.  It is to be finished into a little pillow pincushion, complete with ivory lace, since I don't know how to make tatted lace...wish I had learned that lovely needleart from my grandmother!
32 Count Ivory Linen
Gentle Arts Aged Pewter Fibers

The sweetest part of this darling little pincushion, is that it will be filled with "lavender".  Can you just imagine the beautiful aroma that will fill the air?  I can't wait to finish it so that I can fill it!  My LNS packaged up the sweet lavender in this lovely little cellophane bag!

Well, the hour is getting late, and I need to do some laundry and get dinner started before I can relieve my guilt and pick up my stitching again before my dear husband comes home from work.  After all, I need to appear to have done something "productive" with my day.....LOL!!

Until my next post...

Crossing in Stitches With You in Friendship!


  1. Yay for spring! It's here! lol! Happy birthday to Ella! And your grandson is one too -- wow! I hope the two of them grown up to be good friends! I love your Drawn Thread April -- gorgeous! Your other WIP is pretty too!

  2. Happy Birthday to Ella! Both your grandchildren are adorable!
    Your April finish is fantastic! I think you've done a marvellous job. I can't wait to see your BBD when it's completed.

  3. Happy Birthday to sweet Ella! Your April calendar cover is very pretty and you did a good job with the finishing. I'm looking forward to seeing the BBD pincushion progress and I'm so glad you got to go back to your stitch group!

  4. Happy Birthday to Ella! Both Grandbabies are so cute. Love your finish. Glad that you are feeling better and able to go to your stitching group.

  5. Happy Birthday to Ella! The photos are so sweet:)

    Lovely finish and looking forward to seeing your BBD pincushion.

  6. Happy Birthday to sweet Ella! She is a doll!

    I like the calendar cover and I know what you mean about shying away from things with too much finishing!

    BBD "Remember Me" is such a lovely piece. I have it waiting in my stash to stitch one day! Glad you are feeling better and joining your stitching group once again!

  7. Lovely calendar cover. Like the backing fabric.

    Happy birthday to Ella. She looks a sweetie.

  8. HB to Miss Ella and kudos to Mr. Emery for his accomplishment! Lovely grandchildren, indeed. And lovely stitching, too!

  9. Happy Birthday to your grandchildren.

    Lovely stitching, the pincushion sound lovely

  10. Happy Birthday to little Miss Ella--what a sweetie!

    I love your April calendar cover, Kathy. I was given the January one for my birthday, but haven't started it yet.

    Glad to hear your weather is warming up :)


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Consider the Lilies of the Field
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