"She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands." ((Proverbs 31:13)

Monday, April 7, 2014

It has been said that, "Happiness adds and multiplies as we divide it with others." (Author Unknown)

What a lovely thought, and so cleverly put, don't you think?  For after all, it is in the sharing of our love and our lives, with one another that relationships are made and strengthened over time, built one after another.  I have missed you, once again, dear friends, and am finally here once again to share with you the happenings in my life.

Although I have long been one that preferred to stitch on one design at a time, I have several of them going and am rather enjoying them all.
"Giovanni's Alphabet"
Tempting Tangles Designs
It is difficult to appreciate all of the intricate lacey bits from afar, so hope that you won't mind a few close-ups, to see the full effect.  These are quite challenging to stitch!

This satin stitched flower and leaves was a really big challenge, as this designer doesn't provide any stitch diagrams.  I had to look at the graph of the total design and graph each stitch to create it.  A major pain in the neck!  I think that it looks alright though..... it will have to do.

                         "Snow Angel" by Lone Elm Designs
I can't believe that I am still stitching a wintry design, now that it is already April, but it is almost finished.  Thank goodness......

Do any of you remember "Strawberry Shortcake" and all of her little friends, when some of our now grown up daughters, were little girls?  Well,  she is once again, most popular with our little granddaughter, and all of her friends!  Miss Ella turned 4 years old, and we had a Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party for Ella and her little girlfriends and Mommies and Grandmama and Nana. 

Our daughter, who is an expert baker and cake decorator, made these adorable cupcakes, and purchased vintage Strawberry Shortcake paper plates, napkins and utensils.  She even found a beautiful china teaset for Grandmama to give Ella for her birthday!

It was a perfectly lovely time, but poor little Miss Meggie was totally worn out when we came home.

Well dear friends, I will make an effort to try and keep in touch with you on your wonderful blogs too.  I think of you so much, and am so thankful for the beautiful threads that bind us to one another.......... one thread, added and multiplied, and divided with one another......



  1. Beautiful stitching! I love the alphabet on that piece! And the party -- how adorable! Your DD is very talented!

  2. Your projects all look wonderful ! I love the Strawberry Shortcake party. What fun!

  3. Beautiful post, lovely stitching .
    And looks like you had one good strawberry party, hugs.

  4. Great progress on your projects.
    I especially like the Lone Elm design.
    Looks like a great little girl's party!

  5. What beautiful stitching projects! I certainly do remember Strawberry Shortcake.

  6. Welcome back, Kathy! It's so nice to hear from you again. That is some seriously gorgeous stitching! So glad you had a good time at your granddaughter's birthday party too :D

  7. Gorgeous stitching - and what yummy looking cake and cupcakes!! So sweet (literally ;))

  8. You projects are lovely :) And yoru daughter is a true artist her cupcakes and cake look delicious :)

  9. Wonderful cakes for the birthday girl and her friends to enjoy.
    Super stitching, the intricate stitching is so beautiful.

  10. Gorgeous projects Kathy! Happy Belated Birthday Miss Ella! The party looks like it was perfect, love the theme :)

  11. Beautiful stitching. The cakes look yummy!

  12. A friend of mine started Giovanni's alphabet back in November and its just the coolest piece ever! Yours looks great!

  13. Your projects are looking lovely, great progress

    Your granddaughters party sounds great, those cupcakes look very yummy

  14. Lovely to see you blogging again. I think of you often because I am stitching a design you sent me!

    I love the alphabet, it looks beautiful and quite challenging. Shirlee has been stitching the Snow Angel too, that's another interesting design.

  15. Lovely stitching and such a happy birthday celebration!

  16. Nice to hear from you Kathy Ellen!! I love the WIP's you are working on. The alphabet is beautiful as is the Lone Elm Snow Angel. Such a pretty design. Happy belated birthday to little Ella. I would be so jealous of her Strawberry Shortcake cake if I was 7!!

  17. Both your WIPs looks wonderful. And that little satin stitched flower on the alphabet sampler looks perfect to me. It''s always a bit tiresome when the stitching instructions aren't very clear. But you managed great.
    Great to see that Snow Angel will soon be finished. Then you can choose something spring or summer like to stitch. Or whatever catches your eye.
    Miss Ella must have had a wonderful birthday celebration according to all the strawberry bliss on the pictures.


Consider the Lilies of the Field

Consider the Lilies of the Field
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